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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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confidence. >> reporter: heightened security for the pope and the leaders for the u.n. general assembly means dozens of roadblocks. >> there will be delays and inconveniences. it's worth for it such an historical moment. >> some of the low gistics will be friday after when he makes square garden. the mayor would not rule out the possibility of temporary subway shutdowns around penn station, but said that would be up to the secret service. as for pope francis' premass processional through central park, these staten island catholics will be among the people. the students caught the mayor's attention when they said prayers francis. now they'll see the real thing. it's meaningful to this eighth grader who has battled a recurring brain tumor. >> it is a once in a lifetime
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thing. he's such an inspiration to all of us, all the catholic schools. >> cardinal timothy dolan who will lead evening prayer at st. patrick's cathedral is getting ready. >> i personally am doing intense prayer. i've said from the beginning our holy father comes as a pastor, evangelist. >> reporter: as to how much the visit will cost new york city, the mayor says we won't know until he's here until after his visit. the mayor asked whether he will present any special gifts to pope francis. he wouldn't say what those gifts will be. but he did note pope francis doesn't like anything glitzy or materialistic. say tuned for that as the mayor will be giving pope francis a personal greeting. the countdown continues live outside st. patrick's cathedral. steve: thank you. catholic school students from
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of the first to greet the pope when he lands. jessica will introduce us to those kids later in the show. dari: we've got breaking news now in the race for the white house. well, there are reports out there that say wisconsin governor scott walker is suspending his 2016 presidential bid. after starting his campaign as a top contender, his popularity has plummeted. a recent poll shows him with less than one-half of 1%. he is expected to make the announcement official in a press conference later this evening. steve: the latest cnn poll shows support for donald trump falling after last week's republican presidential debate while carly fiorina is on the rise. trump leads with 24 percent. that's a drop of eight points from prior to the last debate. carly fiorina jumped to second place with 15 percent. that's ahead of dr. ben carson with 14 percent. dari: on the trump note, the gop frontrunner learned a social media lesson after he took to twitter for a question and
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answer session with voters through the hashtag ask trump. people asked how are you going to help the homeless. soon the insults started flying in with questions like how much are you being paid to help hillary get elected started being posted by many. also, trump did not respond to the questionable tweets. steve: hillary clinton's lead in the democratic race for the president has grown. 42 percent are supporting her, up from 35 percent. 24 back bernie sanders and 22 percent said they would likely vote for vice president joe biden if he gets into the race. dari: well, former tennis star james blake is meeting with the mayor and the police commissioner about the case of mistaken identity that led to an altercation with police earlier. dan bowens is live at city hall where they've been discussing the incident. >> reporter: we're hearing this commissioner, the mayor and james blake is coming to a close after 30 minutes. the mayor said the meeting is
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about more than just an apology, but is intended to let mr. blake know and the public know about some of the reforms his administration is attempting to achieve between police and the community, hoping to improve the relationships. you can take a look at some of the video we shot at 3:45. the former tennis pro walking into city hall. he hoped to make some progress. it has been 12 days since he was tackled and handcuffed in a case of mistaken identity. this happened earlier this month, september 9th, james blake, who is biracial was waiting for a ride to the u.s. open outside of his hotel when he was tackled, handcuffed and slammed to the ground by a plain clothes officer who had mistaken him for a credit card scam suspect. the mayor has apologized to the former tennis pro and so did police commissioner bill bratton. the officer is now on desk duty. blake has said he wanted the officer to, quote, be held responsible for his actions and
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be fired. blake considered what happened excessive force. again, live back out here live at city hall, we're told the meeting between the police commissioner, the mayor and mr. blake is coming to a close. we're hoping to get reaction from the meeting and we'll bring it to you later in the newscast, possibly at 10:00. back to you. steve: very well. thank you, dan. a cabbie is dead after an early morning shooting in the bronx. the driver just the latest to be killed in a rash of shootings across the city over the weekend. >> reporter: a weekend of bullets and blood with seven murders, 14 shooting incidents and 17 people shot citywide from the bronx to brooklyn. >> the spike that we had over the weekend -- and i emphasize it was a spike that from time to time we will have, unfortunately. those types of incidents isn't the constant level. >> we've been working all weekend on the cases. a lot of information has been uncovered. >> reporter: the worst was in the ingersoll houses where three
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people were shot and killed just before 2:00 sunday morning. detectives believe one shooter is responsible and that the suspect himself is a resident of the housing development. the triple murder has sparked outrage over gun violence. >> the madness has to stop in washington. we have to tell those federal officials stand up and show the political courage to do something about gun violence once and for all. >> we're here to help any way we can to insure this community understands we won't tolerate this and they have to step up so we can get the terrorists off our street. >> reporter: commissioner bratton is vowing every murder will be treated the same. >> every life counts, whether they were criminals or in the case of others who were innocents, the cab driver situation and some of the others. we'll investigate them. >> reporter: early this morning, a livery cab driver in the bronx was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. commissioner bratton says the
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nypd will keep up full patrol strength in the streets despite the added duties of the papal visit and the u.n. general assembly. back to you. dari: the coalition for the homeless gathered on the steps of city hall today to highlight the importance of curbing the sale of synthetic marijuana, also known as k-2. the group is applauding the city for its plan for harsher punishment for those who sell k2, but punishing against the criminalization of users. they want the city to set up treatment options. steve: syrian arrived in austria today. more than 9 million have been displaced by the war. germany expects 800,000 migrants this year. to help out, the u.s. is upping the number it will take in over two years. secretary of state john kerry says national security is still a top concern. >> we cannot cut corners with respect to those security requirements. but this step that i am announcing today i believe is in
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of america as a land of second chances and a beacon of hope. steve: arthur chi'en whether have more on the nation's response coming up on the fox 5 news at 6:00. dari: a long island school official is learning a hard lesson. steve: her 15 minutes of fame could cost her job after appearing in an explicit music video. jodi goldberg has the story from south hampton. [music] >> reporter: it was a raunchy music video starring rapper jr. but it features a familiar face for an east end community. south hampton high school's assistant principal. the video shows her and her husband leaving for the weekend at what appears to be their mansion. she comes home to find drugs and nearly naked women. those may be the only six words she says in the video, but her
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role has people talking. >> she should have known better than to get involved with something that was unpredictable and probably not going to be good. >> that was probably -- should have been rethought more carefully and probably not a good idea. >> the superintendent tells fox 5 he is aware of the video. he says the video in question showcases behaviors and language use not promoted by the school district. in fact, we actively teach our students the importance of good character in making smart choices. other people we spoke with say it's not fair to judge what someone does and they don't see a problem. >> if it was my principal, i'd go to school more, to be honest. that's pretty cool. >> i guess her popularity will skyrocket. >> i left a message and followed up with an e-mail. she hasn't returned a request for comment. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: citi bike expanding to jersey city. dari: how the company is trying
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customers who customers. and this... >> searching for god in faith and science. >> maybe the universe started with a big bang. who started the big bang? >> spotlighting the question why are we here? >> when you look at the math, when you look at the science, the odds of our existence are staggering.
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steve: jersey city is a citi bike city. dari: it is meant to operate hand in hand with new york's bike sharing system. >> reporter: brianna and her friends live, work and city bike in jersey city. the first citi bike docks opened monday where residents eyed them and rode them with curiosity. >> i'm going to sign up. it's right outside my front door. >> reporter: jersey city spread out its 30 bikes evenly throughout the area. >> we wanted to make sure every neighborhood had access and the opportunity to have bike share.
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into areas that have been more wealthy. >> reporter: the mayor fought to bring citi bikes and not another system to its constituents because he wanted to give them access to transit outside of his jurisdiction. >> it is a launch of a regional transportation system. >> reporter: he hopes to sign up a couple thousand members in the coming weeks. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. dari: it was a special day for 17-year-old long island cancer survivor, morgan zook. september, being national childhood cancer month. they were joined in walking a mile around the gym in hicksville to show their support for kids with cancer. >> my parents created the center, which is a pre-school for kids with cancer. they have a place so they can go and make friends, have fun and learn. morgan hopes to raise enough
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money so they can open up other morgan centers across the country. steve: let's talk about the weather. right on cue this monday. we're in fall all of a sudden. it was incredible. like a switch. yesterday it happened. we made the transition. nick: exactly. mid 70s tomorrow. average high is 73. we see this milder temperatures for a point, but i think overall, we've lost that heat of the 80s and 90s that we've come to know so well over the last couple of minutes. nice and refreshing. 95 and 40 in the record books. sunrise 6:43. it sets at 6:55. 71. we had an east wind. there's a mid to high broken deck of clouds. that will stick around. even the risk of a couple of sprinkles. not much. a weak system off to the south. anything, just a couple of sprinkles, nothing more. as we look at fox 5 sky
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pennsylvania trying to make it to new jersey. they're falling apart as they get closer, which it won't be a big deal. the threat will be there. otherwise, it's a dry forecast moving forward. 73 bridgeport. 68 at belmar. also 60s coming in from the north and west, sussex county, new jersey, and 71 towards montauk. in new york, we're close to those numbers. low 70s around town. 71 at poughkeepsie. 73 at bridgeport. 69 on the east end. mid 60s at the jersey shore. back to 61 as you get up towards monticello. we're down one to five degrees in a lot of the areas from 24 hours ago. looks like another refreshing night coming. we'll be talking about 40s in the suburbs to the north and west and probably stopping closer to 60 in new york city, 58, 59, somewhere in that neighborhood. there's the east-northeast wind. that will continue tomorrow as high pressure builds down from
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the northeastern part of maine. that's going to be this battleground between clouds off to the south and that area of high pressure off to the north. you can see these mid to high clouds streaking across the northeast here. there are some of the showers or sprinkles. we'll see how much of those survive as they slide eastward. we'll look at the big picture. the battle zone is going to be to our south. most of the rain is going to be in this locale as the high pressure ridges on down the next couple of days. we'll be in good shape. tomorrow. a lot of clouds. a couple of breaks of sun, more so in the afternoon. the sprinkle threat in the morning. 60 out the door. 68 at lunchtime. we'll stop at 74 tomorrow. again, that is seasonal for this time of year. let's watch the futurecast. here comes the high building down. notice we find a bit of cloud cover the story as we head into tomorrow. then the clouds go away. let high build -- the high
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beautiful andy sunny wednesday and thursday. eventually we will see a little bit of a change in temperatures later in the week when the front slips back southward. overall, i think you'll like what's coming our way. once again, we need the rain and there's not much coming. a couple of sprinkles overnight. 50s out in the burbs. just a few sprinkles in the limited sunshine. and 74 the high in new york city for tomorrow. there's the seven day. autumn coming in wednesday morning. at that point, the low temperature around 61. 80 in the afternoon. thursday, 78. friday, sun gives way to clouds, 77. that's the next front moving through. it will set us up for a nice weekend. 50s at night, back to 78 on monday. great weather continues. dari: it is fabulous. nick: september as you've heard me -- dari: it's been a great month. steve: when the pope steps on to the tarmac on thursday, catholic school students from brooklyn
5:19 pm
jessica introduces us to the kids chosen to be part of the welcoming committee. >> reporter: 42,000 students in the diocese of brooklyn and they are four out of the five who will greet pope francis thursday afternoon at j.f. kennedy airport. >> i'm excited to meet him. >> like a big pop star. and he's so special. >> reporter: there are 86 catholic schools across brooklyn and queens. it's a large community, but only some will be at the airport to see his holiness arrive for the first time in new york. >> this is not something that happens every day. >> 200 members of the diocese, including sick children, the homeless, and these five who will be on the receiving line. the students were picked because of their academics. they go to church and volunteer in school. >> i feel really excited and special and lucky because other children, they don't have a chance to see the pope.
5:20 pm
i can't even say it in my words because he's so special. >> reporter: they aren't going empty-handed. they're bringing the holy father a gift, a spiritual bouquet filled with prayers. it's at the printing press getting done. >> he doesn't know what we're going to give him. he might be really excited. when we give him the gift, he might be really special and happy and lucky. >> when he sees it, what do you think he's going to say? >> thank you very much. >> we're waiting for you pope francis. steve: who says it better than kids. a restaurant in brooklyn serves a dish said to be one of the pontiff's favorites. see how it's made at 5:30. dari: and tracy morgan fans counting themselves among the big winners last night. steve: how the comedian cracked up the crowd during a surprise appearance after he makes a
5:21 pm
comeback from the accident that nearly killed him. dari: and gotham comes back tonight here on fox 5. and the star says the good guys will have their work cut out for
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dari: history was made at last night's emmy awards seen on fox 5. viola davis took home outstanding lead actress in a drama, the first african-american to win that award. and jon hamm for mad men. game of thrones won 12 awards, including best drama series. it was tracy morgan who stole everybody was heart when he took the stage. >> it's been a long road back. i suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days and i finally regained consciousness. i was ecstatic to learn that i wasn't the one who messed up.
5:24 pm
about the after party and the ladies? another celebrity, chef sandra lee, made her first appearance since undergoing a double mastectomy in may. the long time girlfriend of governor cuomo posed on the red carpet in a beautiful pale pink awareness. steve: gotham is back tonight and fans will have newer, nastier villains. here's what we can expect. >> the season is rise of the villains. we're seeing all of the iconic villains from the batman universe, including joker. >> joker is in this one? >> this is an origin story. all these people are at the beginning stages of their development. steve: gotham starts tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. dari: all right. so reconciling the belief in a higher power and the quest for knowledge. >> maybe the universe started
5:25 pm
with the big bang. who started the big bang? steve: the fox doc explains why science and spirituality don't have to be at odds. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground...
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steve: matters of faith taking center stage as the pope comes to new york. dari: and it is not just believers who are looking for answers. here's ben with the fox doc report. report. >> maybe the universe started with a big bang. who started the big bang? >> the fact that we're asking these questions is not some sort of an affront to god. >> in the highest echelons of science, they're asking big questions. it's not settled. >> why? it's a question humans have been asking for millenia, why are we here? did it just happen or was there something else involved? a higher power perhaps. a belief in a creator is the bedrock principle for billions around the world. but does it make sense? is it compatible with science in the 21st century? well, some people, including
5:29 pm
pope francis, say, yes, it is. science and faith go hand in hand. >> i thought that i was hearing a voice that was not my own. >> reporter: that's not something you hear every day. >> it was pretty strong. >> reporter: but ask a person of strong faith and chances are they can tell you why, at least why they are here. >> jeremiah 29 and 11 says god knows the plans he has for our lives. >> god saved both of us in order to build bridges. >> reporter: this rabbi knew for sure in 2008 when pope benedict walked into his synagogue during his new york visit. a german pope visiting the temple of a holocaust survivor. >> one has to accept the fact that this world was created by a
5:30 pm
>> people are hungry to know is faith crazy, or is there something to it? >> welcome to -- >> faith is not crazy says radio host eric mitaxis and it doesn't have to be at odds with scientific fact. >> we've bought into a false narrative that science is pitted against faith. nonsense. complete nonsense. faith versus science narrative is ridiculous. you don't have to spend three minutes looking into it. there are tons of scientists who are serious people of faith. >> if i talk about god, i always want to talk about god for people who maybe don't believe in god. >> reporter: he wrote an op-ed last christmas on science and faith and it took off, becoming one of the most shared articles ever in that paper. >> what it shows is there is a hunger in america for this kind of thing. nobody is feeding the hunger. everybody has the basic
5:31 pm
questions. who am i? is there a god? what can science tell me? let's understand that the scientific fact, instead of pushing us away from believing in god, the more we know, it's pushing us towards believing in a higher power. >> reporter: he spent a lot of time researching the topic for his book miracles. it was not as tough as he thought it might be. >> i think the more you know about science, the more you realize in the highest echelons of science, they're asking big questions. it's not settled. >> reporter: take that fundamental question, why are we here? when you consider all that had to happen for humans to evolve the way we did on a life supporting plant like earth, the steep. >> when you look at the math, when you look at the science, staggering. when you look at all the facts, it seems pretty clear that it couldn't have just happened. >> reporter: while pope francis would agree with that, he also
5:32 pm
big bang theory and evolution. he says they do not contradict the existence of a higher power. >> as a man of science, he's shown a great deal of respect for the role of science in society. >> reporter: kyle worked on the project, which after decades of searching, finally discovered the so-called god particle. >> this particle is key to the universe. if it didn't exist, atoms wouldn't form. there would be no life. there would be no stars. this thing is definitely an important key to how the universe works. >> reporter: if you're looking at the god particle for proof of god, keep looking. scientists call it the higgs boson. the universe adheres to strict laws, yet there's a flaw. what we find interesting in the world results in a break in the symmetry? why? because of this tiny, invisible particle. >> i doubt it will have a
5:33 pm
practical application. it's part of understanding the rules of the game, understanding how the universe works. >> scientists had to fling protons at each other at the speed of light. when they collided, the enormous energy ignited the production of new particles and new . by taking 40 million snapshots a second, scientists were able to glimpse this god particle. it was first called that by physicist leon letterman in a 1993 book. the god particle, what do you think of that name? >> i have mixed feelings. i -- it's clearly titled that to sell books. and it worked. it sold a lot of books. it's been very good about attention. people know this name. i think it's important in terms of science communication to have a catchy name. >> it helps, too, to have a big name science supporter like pope francis who, by the way, is a
5:34 pm
the pope made sure to cite science in a paper denouncing change. >> stepping back from the issues, there's a respect for the scientific process and for human intellect and the fact that we're asking these questions is not an affront to god but is a part of human better. >> maybe the universe started with the big bang. who started the big bang? >> reporter: this is not where this reverend expected to find herself, as the pastor and vicar of the cathedral church of st. john the divine. >> i'm an intellectual. i was taught to be skeptical. >> reporter: her life, she had a doctorate and changed in day. >> i had a mystical experience on february 12th. >> her father-in-law was dying young. she prayed for help. >> two weeks after i had gotten
5:35 pm
prayed for the first time in years, then i felt like i was being given a message to give to somebody else. and that message came true six months later was a great shock to me. i had to struggle with the fact that i thought god was calling me to ordained ministry. i didn't want to do it. >> reporter: it would mean more schooling, a life change, not an easy choice, married with two children. >> i say we have a funny idea of what god should do and be. we are projecting a god who micro manages everything. there is good and there is evil and we have a choice every day about what path we take. >> reporter: but she did it. doors started to open and she says her life fell into place. >> certainly you have days when you wonder why is this happening or why did that go this way? >> reporter: at yale, the reverend studied along the brightest minds in science.
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
minute. >> reporter: a stretch of 108th in richmond mill is jack maple place in honor of the former deputy commissioner. maple served under bill bratton during the giuliani administration. >> we had to be where the crime was. we had to be where the criminals were. that's what we as cops do. dari: the food bank for new york city held the first annual farm to food bank drive day. it got people at the union square green market to donate bags of fresh food as part of its month long go orange to end hunger campaign. >> about 80 farmers have decided that as a part of their hunger awareness, they're going to sell a bag of food to a family who planned to shop today and provide an opportunity to buy groceries for a family who needs it.
5:38 pm
bank dari: volkswagen took a hit on the new york stock exchange today. the epa accused them of
5:39 pm
installing software in cars to make them appear to run cleaner than they actually do. the company now says it's facing billions in fines. the recall involves four-cylinder volkswagen and audi vehicles for models in 2009 to 2015. steve: if you're looking to make money, macy's looking for you. it wants to hire nearly 85,000 seasonal workers as it gets ready to meet the demand. most of the positions will be filled at its department stores and bloomingdale's as well as at call centers and online. a restaurant in brooklyn serving up a favorite meal. dari: we head to park slope to try it. steve: and who hasn't juggled a slice of pizza racing to catch a train. rats are no different. the video that's taken over the internet over the past couple of hours.
5:40 pm
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steve: fox 5 health news. it's important to create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. while most agree with that, a new study finds they don't know what to do when it comes to pacifier and swaddling. dari: joining us is dr. kerri
5:42 pm
you're a new mom. tell us what you learned. >> s.i.d.s. is an unexplained death of a healthy baby under the age of one. it's the third leading cause of mortality in the country and affects about 2500 families every year. so it is a serious health issue. now, a study was done out of staten island university. they questioned caregivers as to what their knowledge was about preventing s.i.d.s. they found upsettingly a lot of people were not aware of what to do to prevent s.i.d.s. one of the most upsetting statistics was 22 percent of people did not agree with the statement place a child on their back. and the american academy of pediatrics had a campaign called back to sleep advising parents put your child on their back to prevent s.i.d.s. it reduced the incidence by 50 percent. yet 22 percent of people still are not aware of that. there's a lot of education that
5:43 pm
factors? >> there are. if you're a boy, you're at a higher risk. if you were born prematurely. if you're african-american. if you have a family history. these are potential risk factors. the cause is not known. it's thought to be due to abiah jones due to abnormalities in the brain that the baby stops breathing and dies. steve: the role of swaddling plays a big part. >> 53 percent of people did not agree with using a pacifier. 61% did not agree with -- did think swaddling was okay. when it comes to pacifiers, the american academy of pediatrics recommends considering them because they have been found to prevent s.i.d.s. again-n this study, many people were not aware of that. when it comes to swaddling, the word is out. it's recommended by the american academy of pediatrics.
5:44 pm
that means leaving room in the hips, not too tight. three fingers breath at the chest. and don't swaddle beyond two months. this demonstrates more education needs to be done on the part of healthcare providers educating the public. steve: a lot to learn. dari: very upsetting. i remember being worried about this. >> as a parent, i do, too. dari: thank you so much. steve: let's talk about the weather. we're moving right into fall mode. nick: a lot of colors on the mind. it's a little cooler than we've seen recently. look at the swath of green. that's 50s for highs today as you move along the appalachian trail there. 60s all the way up to albany and boston. middle 60s for highs for the day. definitely fall in the air. it will arrive wednesday morning at 4:20. we made low 70s today. breezy at times.
5:45 pm
the wind out of the east. that was refreshing. we have a mid to high deck of clouds out there. that will stick around tonight and a few sprinkles aren't out of the question. they're trying to make it in on fox 5 sky guardian. apart. more of the area of organized rain has been there in parts of eastern pennsylvania. into the dry air. don't think a lot of this is going to survive. if anything, it will be sprinkles as we go through the overnight. this will threaten us tomorrow morning for a bit. else. the bad news is while we need the rain and there's none coming after this sprinkle threat. we have clouds through the northeast. sun is it gooding through a little bit as well. the same thing tomorrow. maybe more breaks of sun in the afternoon as high pressure ridges down from northern new england and we'll set up for a nice forecast over the next couple of days. 71 at poughkeepsie. same in midtown and newark.
5:46 pm
it's 60s allentown to the jersey shore. 59 monticello. that's down two degrees since the top of the hour. back to 69 as we head towards montauk. there's the east-northeast wind at 10 miles an hour. that will be still in our forecast tonight in east-northeast wind averaging 10 miles an hour. that will last into tomorrow. the big picture doesn't show much happening around the country. showers and storms in the desert southwest. that's typical this time of year. you see the clouds streaming north. this has been sitting off the east coast. i talked about this last week. it bears watching, but it is going to be suppressed by the area of high pressure moving down from new england, except for the clouds tonight and a couple of sprinkles. that will be the worst of it. as high pressure builds down, you'll see nice weather continue. tomorrow, where it should be. 73, 74 for the high. that's average for this time of year. 70s going down to raleigh. 80 in atlanta. 90s through texas and the gulf
5:47 pm
70s to chicago. notice the temperatures warm up off to the west. we will see temperatures warm up here by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. 80s to denver and the desert southwest cooled off with the cloud cover. 87 in las vegas tomorrow. here's the futurecast. really just see a lot of clouds. there's not much precipitation xeps except for a sprinkle. the high pressure ridges down and watch what happens. the sky clears out tomorrow night. there's wednesday looking beautiful. sunny, first day of fall, but it warms up, close to 80 on wednesday. it will cool down later in the week. not really a cold snap, but cooler, seasonal temperatures for the end of the week. tonight, a little coolness to the air. 59 in the city. 48 to middle 50s in the northern and western suburbs. just clouds more than anything else. a sprinkle or two not out of the question. otherwise, limited sun during the day. we'll stop at 74 with a northeasterly wind.
5:48 pm
wednesday good, 73, sunshine. friday, sun and clouds, 77. that's the next cool front coming by. lower 70s this weekend. back to 78 on monday. really nice, typical fall forecast coming in. remember, autumn will arrive 4:20 wednesday morning. dari: beautiful. thank you, nicky. a basic dish for a pontiff known for appreciating the simple things in life. steve: that's right. we show you how it's made in tonight's edition of the dish. >> reporter: while the pope is visiting new york city, where will he be eating? the pontiff may want to check this on fifth avenue in park slope because of one very special dish. feast your eyes on this. the chef serves the dish at her restaurant in brooklyn and it's a favorite of pope francis. >> it is a very down to earth, earthly, you know, dish of the
5:49 pm
people. i think the people who eat the harvest vegetables are the people that ate the dish. he seems like that kind of person. >> reporter: in a newspaper interview, pope francis said when he was a cardinal, he occasionally enjoyed this traditional farmers dish from northern italy where the pontiff's ancestors were born. it involves dipping vegetables into a hot broth. >> the name means warm bath. >> reporter: clinger studied at a cooking school but learned to make the dish in new york city. >> a number of years back, a friend of mine from piedmont named diego taught me to make it. it was delicious. the flavors are strong but not sharp. it was a wonderful way to season. with garlic. >> i put it in a pot and cover it with milk. this is what it looks like after it's cooked.
5:50 pm
you want to cook it until it is very, very soft. >> reporter: next the garlic is mashed down and turned into a puree. clinger mixes in chopped anchovy anchovies and olive oil. i'm going to add a little more olive oil. >> butter is added and the dish cooked for a half hour. >> i cook it very, very gently until the flavors mary, stirring it to make sure it's not sticking on the bottom. >> reporter: while that's cooking, she gets to work on the vegetables. >> i like fennel. i like it raw. >> red and pink beets, carrots, roasted peppers, swiss chard and potatoes with apple slices for dipping. it is served in a small clay bowl next to the vegetables. let's dig in. so good. >> reporter: clinger has made
5:51 pm
the dish countless times. she said she'd be ready if the customer of a lifetime decided to stop in. what would you do if the pope walked in the door to have some? >> oh, i'd be very nervous. i'd try to make it the best i could. i'd be thrilled. >> reporter: for the dish, i'm kerry drew. steve: check in out. look at this. incredible video. it's a subway rat hauling a slice down some stairs. this is now being spread all over the web as we speak. really got it most of the way down the steps and finally drops it and scurries off at the end, probably nervous from the attention of the person with the camera. beforehand. who can't appreciate or relate to that? >> everybody in new york is a survivor. we know how to hustle. every last one of us. we'll see you again tonight at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you for that. keep it here. we're on top of the news for you.
5:52 pm
tonight we're on the global migrant crisis. how should we be helping and what do our actions tell the rest of the world? i'll talk to a live guest. also next at 6:00, long island's own ed burns talks about his new police drama series on television. he'll be here live. it's all so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
5:53 pm
ernie: it is monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us. and we begin tonight with an immigration crisis around the world. hundreds of thousands of people leaving their home countries which have been devastated by war. as they wait for help, many nations are bickering over how to handle them. tonight a closer look at how the u.s. and european countries are responding. is enough being done? arthur chi'en begins our look at tonight's current issue up front.
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